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Belgian Rebellion BPA

This Belgian Pale Ale is a 3-way balanced burst of flavor featuring Tropical Fruit Hop notes from Mosaic, El Dorado, Waimea and Rakau paired with the fruity-peppery zing of our Belgian yeast strain, alongside subtle notes of zesty rye with a touch of caramel malt sweetness. 6%ABV 2016 Silver NABA Medal

Winter is Coming

Imperial Dark Saison The complexity comes through immediately in the aroma:  slightly sweet with notes of spice and hints of caramel and vanilla.  Dark fruit flavor leads the way through layer after layer of a Bakers’ Dozen malts before ending on a balanced blend of Belgian and Chai spice snuggled in with a hint of Rye. 7.7%ABV

Buzzbird Belgian Wheat

Belgian Honey Wheat, 4.7% ABV Our lightest brew, this crisp blonde ale starts with a hint of honey but finishes crisp & dry with subtle notes of fresh orange peel and Belgian spice.

Cotton Mouth Killer

Session IPA, 5.25% ABV Featuring the zesty citrus of American hops but without the high IBU bitterness and bite of an IPA. This beer offers a pleasant afternoon to enjoy a delicious of the American hop profile without the bitter beer face that most often accompanies it.

Barking Dog Brown

Brown, 4.8% ABV Named for the local Barking Dog Road this brown ale lies just shy of medium bodied. Rich chocolate and caramel malts and a surprising light and refreshing finish that allows you to enjoy this English Mild over and over and over again.

French Silk Stout

Stout, 5.3% ABV This chocolate-coffee stout features organic Sumatra coffee beans from Elevation Coffee Traders and was inspired by the brewmaster’s college days of late night chocolate mousse pie and coffee needed to keep him rolling strong through the wee hours of the morning.