New Fall 2020 Hours

Well we have some super fun new things coming your way this fall ‘rona season: new hours, growler and white shot specials, weeknight family specials and delivery!!

New hours are basically 4:00pm to 8:00pm Wed. through Sun. Here is my minute by minute, blow by blow of our new schedule.

Come in for growlers and get a white shot for free, (if you dare). This is going to be one of our clear liquor bottles that we are trying to get rid of to try to make room for winter drink inventory. Feeling brave? Don’t worry, 60% of the time it’s good every time.

Stay posted for out weeknight special dinners for four. We’re going to keep this interesting and so your tastebuds don’t get too tired of Annie’s mac n cheese or cold pizza.

Last, but not least, we are going to start delivering with in a limited range at 6pm or 7pm. we’re taking two trips and trying to get everyone in two go’s. We will be delivering to Ptarmigan, Wildernest, as far north as Willowbrook, Rainbow Drive, and Dillon Valley. Please call 970-468-0270 to place your order.