Saucy Sauce

Making your own marinara from scratch is the most important step to having a signature Italian-style meal. Imagine every family has its own recipe and the one you create will be your own unique and delicious ‘house’ flavor. Marinara is primarily tomatoes, so find good tomatoes. We use these delicious Stanislaus canned tomatoes. The thing about canned tomatoes is that they are packed for flavor when ripe, and not made to sit on a shelf for a week looking good. These guys really take their tomatoes seriously. I have never before received a tomato magazine touting the wonders of the tomato. Did I mention I love these tomatoes?

Spice It Up

So marinara in 20-ish minutes from scratch:

Sauté onion, deglaze with red wine, garlic, add spices, tomatoes, sugar and blend and simmer for 15 min. Great, right? The spices we use are oregano, basil, red chile flakes, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Like everything, there are thousands of marinara recipes out there so change up your spices al gusto.

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