Latest Addition

Well Folks,

We have a patio. After a long wait for the time and money to dedicate to a little piece of heaven on the East side of the building, I can finally announce success! Three picnic tables adorn the bark and grass flooring. Aspen trees encircle the Northside separating you from the road. From there, you can see views to the Continental Divide and towards the Dillon Dam.  There are also chairs that you can move around for social lounging.

In our little beer garden, we offer full service and our full menu. It’s perfect for sipping on a happy hour or evening beer or cocktail. In the morning, the tables are in full sun. We don’t have any shades yet so bring a big hat. Then by two thirty-ish it starts to slide into the shade which makes the perfect temperature for these scorching hot days we’ve been having.

Check in on our Facebook page for afternoon music we might be having outside. It makes for a perfect afternoon.