Finally, a little closure

We finally closed on the building. Yesterday was the day. Tomorrow we are, first thing, going to take out that antiquated 1970’s popcorn ceiling, and rip up the carpet. I knew I was smart to save those beat up jeans. We are going to do everything from major water and sewer line rehab to staining chairs and changing out lighting.  One of the most exciting changes will be taking out the center wall out and turning it into a bar. Unless, of course, you think that getting the brew equipment is the most exciting thing. Or even more likely, just being finished and sitting down to sip on a beer in our renovated space.  Ya, that might take the cake.

We can only begin to thank your many, supporters, helpers, investors, planners, and everyone who had a beer with us when we needed to be reminded how much fun it will all be when it is done. We are looking forward to our summer construction (no one wants to do this during winter up here) and all the helpers that have kindly (though perhaps unwisely) volunteered their time. There is something to be said for cracking a can of brew in your new brewery building that is going to provide yourself and friends a way of life for years to come. Soon, it will be our own delicious craft brew in our own cans that will bring life to others’ celebrations.

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