We (used to) love hosting parties!

We offer a free rental space we call the Brewers’ Corner. It is located in the corner of the restaurant. It is secluded while being near the bar. Each event can be customized to suit the occasion. Whether it is season employee party, wedding rehearsal/reception, retirement, birthday, or just party-party, we have loved every moment. We offer buffets, custom menus and seated or standing meals. Every event is built from the ground up so we can be extremely flexible catering to any budget or number of people. Our Brewers Corner ideally seats 25-30 people. Please call Stephanie, for arranging dates and discussing options at (970) 468-0170 us and we will be happy to make your event an awesome one.

Please note: this space is not available during peak times or if there is a band playing that night.

Brewers’ Corner pic 1Brewers’ Corner pic 2

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