Do we have your permission?

Whew! All the planning down to the last light lightbulb has been planned out and drawn up. We are submitting our plans to the Silverthorne planning, building, health, fire and every other department this week. Hopefully, we will be able to see the results coming soon rather than just dreaming them up. That way, maybe the building will look less abandoned from the outside. People keep randomly parking in the parking lot, which is fine, as long as you come pay your rent when we open by buying lots of beers and sandwiches.

Three cheers for Beer!

P.S. If anyone wants some booths, let us know.

Finally, a little closure

We finally closed on the building. Yesterday was the day. Tomorrow we are, first thing, going to take out that antiquated 1970’s popcorn ceiling, and rip up the carpet. I knew I was smart to save those beat up jeans. We are going to do everything from major water and sewer line rehab to staining chairs and changing out lighting.  One of the most exciting changes will be taking out the center wall out and turning it into a bar. Unless, of course, you think that getting the brew equipment is the most exciting thing. Or even more likely, just being finished and sitting down to sip on a beer in our renovated space.  Ya, that might take the cake.

We can only begin to thank your many, supporters, helpers, investors, planners, and everyone who had a beer with us when we needed to be reminded how much fun it will all be when it is done. We are looking forward to our summer construction (no one wants to do this during winter up here) and all the helpers that have kindly (though perhaps unwisely) volunteered their time. There is something to be said for cracking a can of brew in your new brewery building that is going to provide yourself and friends a way of life for years to come. Soon, it will be our own delicious craft brew in our own cans that will bring life to others’ celebrations.

Logo, who we are today.


Some people get new cars, some buy a dog,  the Bakers’ Brewery is going with a logo to define our lifestyle and who we are. Overall, we are embracing Cory’s (owner, brewer) history of roadside diners, and the fact that our building used to be one.  So we wanted a touch of American diner, but modern and clean, we used a modern typeface for ‘brewery’, that has great caps, but not overly blocky as the tendency is these days. We wanted the sharp points and curves of the baker’s hat to reflect in the brewery font.  We also have some nice vintage uses of the logo that throw back to the diner days, and also the days of homespun community business, baked goods and beer.


In the money, almost.

Hey All!

A bit of a January update for you, we are buying our building soon.   First, we must finish up our investment rounds. These are hopefully going to be done in the next few weeks. As with any new business, there has been some serious versioning of our business plan and hopefully that is all up to par.  Getting all of these investors together reminds us of starting a new family. It includes all of the intended longevity and is clearly just as expensive, but hopefully happy and fruitful in the years to come.

Other things we are working on right now is finishing up our other jobs, and of course the elusive logo concept.  We have been through so many logo renditions it makes me question my sanity. Items included have been everything from Baker hats, pints, more abstract strange things and pure typography. We need to get that done ASAP so that our lovely investors get a better feel for our company identity and we can print business cards! I love printing business cards.



Blogging, Baking, Brewing

While those don’t necessarily go in order of importance, we want to be here to tell you what’s going on with your soon-to-be new, favorite, local brewery.  That way, we can get a better handle on what you like to drink, eat and do to be merry.  Talk to us through Facebook and let’s get chatting!