Sept. 5 at Bakers’ 2020

This Saturday the New Arkanasans will be gracing our patio! We have socially distanced sitting areas with a few tables still available. This is a rain or shine event.

The NewArkansans play Indie-folk and southern rock-N-soul with powerhouse British vocals in an exuberant collision of storytelling, attitude, and Whiskey Infused debauchery to our Party on the Patio this Saturday Night!! Here’s a 3 song teaser to get you pumped!
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Also don’t forget to vote for The Bakers’ in every category you can including Best: Silverthorne restaurant, concert series, burger, brewpub, and our very own Bartender Ryan Eberhardt and Mr. Summit County Ian Geise! Here is a link to voting in case you need directing. Voting ends Sept 6!
Thank you!

Bakers’ Brewery 3-D Tour

Care to look around?

Paragon Virtual kindly visited us to showcase the Bakers’ Brewery in their super-cool 3-D video/picture/tour technology. Bakers’ Brewery is an unusual location. Once upon a time our building housed a Village Inn and it is still quite evident. We refurbished the building and now have an American-Modern pub. We are inspired by the natural elements in an industrial yet comfortable setting. There is a storm cloud over the bar, ancient white oak at the bar, green granite bar and blue sky walls and dusk blue ceiling.

More than anything, we wanted an approachable brewpub where people can come enjoy our brews and home cooking. Try out the new 3-D tour! It’s perfect for people who are contemplating booking our Brewers’ corner for an event. The Brewers’ corner comfortably sits between 25 and 30 people and we have different dining options for different sized parties.

In the not impossible event you have a VR set at your home (I have actually visited some one who has one in their home) Definitly check out the VR link:

Custard Sauce

Thick and Creamy

Custards aren’t quite as in vogue as they once were. They are still ridiculously delicious. Here at Bakers’ we make a custard sauce for our bread pudding and it is just so easy. This is a very similar recipe and process that I pour into a graham cracker crust to make a fantastic lemon custard pie, but I digress. There are so many things you can do to this custard: add lemon juice and zest, or orange juice and zest or chocolate or berries.

Just Heat and Stir

In one bowl, add the yolks, sugar, vanilla, honey or syrup, salt, and milk. Melt the butter by itself, then add the stuff in the bowl to the melted butter. Heat the custard, whisking often, until it just starts to thicken. Add a shot (or two) of whiskey or rum immediately before you remove from heat strain into a chilled bowl.

and eat it. SOOO good. But obviously, I’m biased.

Huffy Boys New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve Music

Ever wish you were having as much fun as the boys down the street? Join Bakers’ Brewery and The Huffy Boys for New Year’s Eve and give it a go!

Local rockers Kendrick & Keith bring an unusual blend of 90’s Rock done in true 90’s unplugged style. Come sample an eclectic smattering of newer rock, classics, oldies and even country. From Beck to Stone Temple Pilots, Alice In Chains to Queens of the Stone Age, David Bowie to David Allen Coe; The Huffy Boys are Ready to ROCK Your New Year Right!

As usual, we will be counting down the Ball Drop for the East Coast Peeps, my Mid-North Fam, and of course, locally in CO! So IF you want to party a little and get up early for a powder day, you can get that fix filled and still get home at a decent hour.

As always, NO COVER, so you don’t have to feel like you’ve committed to a hangover before you get started.

CHEERS all y’alls, to a happy & healthy 2019!!!



Saucy Sauce

Making your own marinara from scratch is the most important step to having a signature Italian-style meal. Imagine every family has its own recipe and the one you create will be your own unique and delicious ‘house’ flavor. Marinara is primarily tomatoes, so find good tomatoes. We use these delicious Stanislaus canned tomatoes. The thing about canned tomatoes is that they are packed for flavor when ripe, and not made to sit on a shelf for a week looking good. These guys really take their tomatoes seriously. I have never before received a tomato magazine touting the wonders of the tomato. Did I mention I love these tomatoes?

Spice It Up

So marinara in 20-ish minutes from scratch:

Sauté onion, deglaze with red wine, garlic, add spices, tomatoes, sugar and blend and simmer for 15 min. Great, right? The spices we use are oregano, basil, red chile flakes, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Like everything, there are thousands of marinara recipes out there so change up your spices al gusto.

Visit our blog for more videos on how the Bakers’ Brewery makes its menu from scratch every day.