Playing with the big boys… at GABF

Alas, yes we are only playing thanks to some very generous friends at neighboring breweries that actually get to visit! We are going to go visit, drink, schmooze and have lots of fun!IMG_3422_0882 As for our own project, there has been forward progress with construction, licensing, financing, branding, merchandise, kickstarter, and so much more. Look at our snazzy dormers going in!
Then we are going to cover the roof back over with metal and paint it blue.

On the interior we have been filling in all the plumbing holes with cement, deciding on vinyl (thank you Seams Unusual and Sky!) for re-covering the booths, and table top material.  So much to do so little time!  Our optimistic opening date is Thanksgiving this year. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated! Here is a little flyers we put together so that our friends at Kannah Creek (Grand Junction) and Shine Brewery (Boulder) can hand them out when they serve our collaboration brew. Looking forward to serving some ourselves when we open.  See you at GABF!






Logo, who we are today.


Some people get new cars, some buy a dog,  the Bakers’ Brewery is going with a logo to define our lifestyle and who we are. Overall, we are embracing Cory’s (owner, brewer) history of roadside diners, and the fact that our building used to be one.  So we wanted a touch of American diner, but modern and clean, we used a modern typeface for ‘brewery’, that has great caps, but not overly blocky as the tendency is these days. We wanted the sharp points and curves of the baker’s hat to reflect in the brewery font.  We also have some nice vintage uses of the logo that throw back to the diner days, and also the days of homespun community business, baked goods and beer.