Weekend Brunch Menu

Saturday and Sunday from 11am-1pm

Morning Melt Sandwich

Our in house baked focaccia bread buttered, toasted and topped with a sunny side up or scrambled egg, candied or classic bacon, and melted gouda garnished with two orange slices

Alpine Bowl

Mashed potatoes topped with our home made green chile and a sprinkle of arugula, a sunny side up or scrambled egg and shredded cheddar

Breakfast Burrito

Bacon, scrambled eggs, green chile, shroomy sauce, and Jamaican jerk french fries wrapped in a large tortilla and topped with half chicken gravy and half green chile, topped with melted cheddar cheese


A mix between huevos rancheros and a quesadilla; this is a toasted tortilla folded in half over melted cheese and pulled pork, topped with green chile, pico de gallo and two sunny side up or scrambled eggs

Baked Egg & Avocado

Sunny Egg put in half and avocado, topped with cheese and baked then served with diced bacon and caramelized onions and half a toasted focaccia


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