Opening Day March 6!


We have finally announced our opening day! (It rhymes.) This Friday, March 6th at 2:30 pm we will be doing our ribbon cutting. We would like to cordially invite any interested parties to come hop in our photo shoot. We will be open for happy hour and dinner on Friday the 6th. Then we will be OPEN for happy hour and dinner every day starting on Saturday March 7th. The Bakers’ brewery will be adding Lunch and Breakfast once we get some more grease on the wheels. Come join us! Really! We are really excited to meet you!

Summit County Collaboration #2

This year, the Bakers’ Brewery was lucky enough to participate again in the Summit County-wide collaboration brew. This year the inspiration of six brewmasters led us to brew a Barleywine at the Backcountry brewery. The resulting “Safety Meeting” is a delicious testament to Summit’s six great breweries.  The “Safety Meeting” was featured this past weekend at the Brewer Rock for Rescue event in Silverthorne at the Pavilion. Thank you everyone for a great beer fest and supporting local search and rescue!

Playing with the big boys… at GABF

Alas, yes we are only playing thanks to some very generous friends at neighboring breweries that actually get to visit! We are going to go visit, drink, schmooze and have lots of fun!IMG_3422_0882 As for our own project, there has been forward progress with construction, licensing, financing, branding, merchandise, kickstarter, and so much more. Look at our snazzy dormers going in!
Then we are going to cover the roof back over with metal and paint it blue.

On the interior we have been filling in all the plumbing holes with cement, deciding on vinyl (thank you Seams Unusual and Sky!) for re-covering the booths, and table top material.  So much to do so little time!  Our optimistic opening date is Thanksgiving this year. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated! Here is a little flyers we put together so that our friends at Kannah Creek (Grand Junction) and Shine Brewery (Boulder) can hand them out when they serve our collaboration brew. Looking forward to serving some ourselves when we open.  See you at GABF!







After getting Approved by The Town Council and the Planning Department for our building, we started gutting the Bakers’ Brewery. We have also been working on liquor licensing, finishing up our financing and designs and trying to get rid of our booths that we have taken out.  Apparently, no one wants booths. Soon we’re getting started on sign design and application. Lots going on here!

Do we have your permission?

Whew! All the planning down to the last light lightbulb has been planned out and drawn up. We are submitting our plans to the Silverthorne planning, building, health, fire and every other department this week. Hopefully, we will be able to see the results coming soon rather than just dreaming them up. That way, maybe the building will look less abandoned from the outside. People keep randomly parking in the parking lot, which is fine, as long as you come pay your rent when we open by buying lots of beers and sandwiches.

Three cheers for Beer!

P.S. If anyone wants some booths, let us know.